Beachside Signage Is Easy (& Popular) To Install

We’ve been doing some signage for a beachside business today and it’s ready to be installed.

In a surprise to no-one, many of the lads are keen to go and install it.  They weren’t quite so keen to do the install last week when it was wet and cold!

We do a lot of beachside signage here on the Gold Coast and there are a very aspects to bear in mind – the biggest being that the sign is going to be hit with a lot:

Signs get hit with all sorts of things

Signs get hit with all sorts of things

  • sand
  • salt water
  • salty sea air
  • sun

Your beachside sign needs to be able to cope with that (and more) – give us a yell on 5523 3553 to find out the best material to use for your signage.



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