Clever copy

The tag lines that get your sign noticed

Ever been driving down the freeway, and suddenly find yourself distracted by a witty billboard? Turning your eyes back to the road as you whiz past the big, roadside ad, you chuckle to yourself.

Later on in the day, you tell your work mates at lunch about the clever punchline you read that morning.

That brief 2-3 second glance left an impression on you. All thanks to what expert ad-men and women call clever copywriting.

What is copy?

Copy is a word the media pros use to describe text. Any body of text you see on a website, in a newspaper, or in an ad, is called copy.

Why is good copywriting important?

Copy tends to be an afterthought in most untrained minds. Because it’s all about images, videos and graphics these days, right?

Perhaps to an extent. But never underestimate the power of a catchy, clever, or witty tagline.

The beauty of clever copy is its value versus cost. You don’t always need a big budget, massive production team, or the best designer in town to grab the attention of passers-by – although these things certainly do help – all you need is a good idea.

Your one-liner could grab more attention than any beautiful design, and resonate for far longer too.

So what are you going to say to your potential customers with clever copy on your next sign or car wrap?

Here’s some of our favourites to inspire you.

This cheeky toilet humour by IKEA.



This pita restaurant made clever use of homonyms to name their business, playing on the children’s classic story, Peter Pan.



This Salt-N-Peppa pop song inspired door sign.



Puns are always a classic choice.



What better way to advertise a signage business, than with a sign?



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