3 Top Tips for a Great Sign for Your Gold Coast Business

Have you ever seen a sign that really impresses you? Your sign says a lot about your personality and conveys a lot of information about you or your business. It is a symbol of what people should expect from you.

So if you are thinking of redesigning your sign, put in some thought and consideration into it.

Here are the top three tips for a great sign for your Gold Coast business:

1)  Choose Colors that Improve Brand and Sign Visibility

If you are using a single color for your sign, make sure it is pleasing to the eye and not jarring at the first look. If you are using multiple colors, make sure they complement each other and do not distract from the message.

If you have a logo for your company, consider using the colors of the logo in your sign – if you’re consistent, people will recognise your business signs more easily.

2)  Simple is Better

The simpler your sign, the better it will look. It is important that your sign conveys information about you or your brand, so choose the shape and the spacing after considering the letters or number of words you are going to use.

If you have a large amount of text, use a rectangular or a square shaped sign. If you use only initials, shapes like circles and triangles may work well too. Keep the spacing optimal so that each letter can be individually identified. This helps people remember your sign and recognize you or your brand when they see it.

3)  Consider the Size and the Style

Every sign has a style. Some are illuminated, others are not. An illuminated sign may use light bulbs, tube lights, CFL, LED lights, or even illuminated paint. Depending on where you want to place the sign and what background you are choosing, the style of the sign will vary. There was a time when neon signs were the rage, but in the recent times, people have started preferring LED signs.

You can also think about the material to be used for your sign. Sandblasted signs are in vogue these days. You can also choose from plastic signs or signs made from fabric, wood, or fiber glass. High density urethane signs are cost effective and last longer. Choose an enduring material that also gives an artistic appeal to your sign and suits the Gold Coast environment.

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