New year, new sign


January is the month of new year’s resolutions. While getting fit, finding that special someone, or reaching career milestones are all noble ambitions, there’s one that we think is particularly important for your business in 2017: making sure your signage is up to date.

We know, we know, it doesn’t sound like the most exciting goal to have on your resolution checklist. But it could work wonders for your business this year.

How do you know if you’re due for a new sign? Get out your pen and paper, jot down this list, then hop out the front of your shop and see if you can check the boxes.

1 – Is your sign’s colour fading?

If your sign is looking a little pale due to the effects of age and weather, your business may not be visible to passers-by. Brightness and contrast attracts the eye, and signage is meant to do just that.

2 – Is your sign peeling?

Your sign cops a lot throughout the year. From the rain, hail, and sun damage during summer, to snow, frost and dew in the winter, it’s always taking some kind of a beating. Over time, this may cause your business sign to peel like an Aussie’s sunburnt skin after a day on the beach. And that’s not fun for anybody.

Make sure your sign is looking spick and span to give first-time customers a good impression of your business.

3 – Are the business details up to date?

Has your business name changed since you last had a sign installed on your shop front? Have you had a brand refresh, with a new logo and colour palette? Keeping your business’ branding consistent reassures customers of your expertise, and this includes having up-to-date signage, even if the changes are slight.

Did you check any one of these boxes? If so, it’s time to give us a call. We’ll sort your Gold Coast and Tweed signage needs out.

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