How effective are billboards?

You know those big signs, usually on the side of the highway? Blink, and you’ll miss them. How effective are they really?

An American advertising company put up some billboards to promote a fictional drug that supposedly makes you more popular. They didn’t include a website addrss, or any contact information at all, but the website they built for this fictional product still saw a massive 58,000+ hits.

That’s pretty good going for an imaginary product!


  • Most visitors came from Google (searched for product after seeing signage)
  • 45% of visitors were on mobile devices

Worth some thought.



Beachside Signage Is Easy (& Popular) To Install

We’ve been doing some signage for a beachside business today and it’s ready to be installed.

In a surprise to no-one, many of the lads are keen to go and install it.  They weren’t quite so keen to do the install last week when it was wet and cold!

We do a lot of beachside signage here on the Gold Coast and there are a very aspects to bear in mind – the biggest being that the sign is going to be hit with a lot:

Signs get hit with all sorts of things

Signs get hit with all sorts of things

  • sand
  • salt water
  • salty sea air
  • sun

Your beachside sign needs to be able to cope with that (and more) – give us a yell on 5523 3553 to find out the best material to use for your signage.



Clear Message for your Signage

One you’re designing your new Gold Coast and beyond signage, one of the most important things is to ensure you don’t bombard the viewer with information.

Ideally, you want have 1-2 clear messages – that’s all someone’s going to retain.

If you have more information than that, chances are they won’t even remember the big important bits! They’ll get overloaded and switch off.

So: Keep it simple!

Clear, Crisp and Tasty!

We love to support our local businesses, and we love that they make it so easy! Here’s an example of some Gold Coast signage.

The Vege Shed is a produce store who specialise in high-quality produce grown locally without spray. And their vegetables are every bit as good as the sign makes them look!



Batter Up – Sporting Signage A Home Run!

Pardon the pun, but we’ve hit a home run with this great sign for a Gold Coast Baseball team! ;o)

We love it!



Why Shop Front Signage is so Important

Here at NR Signs, we know the importance of having a great shop front and making yourself stand out from the street!

Your storefront is the first thing people see and is where customers will make their first impressions of your store. If you’re wanting their business it’s vital you make a good first impression.

On top of that, your shop front helps the customers locate you and potentially draws in new customers. So it’s important that it stands out and is clear!

Here are some examples of different storefront signs.

Mazda Tweed Coast storefront has 3D signs that catch your eye and attention. There is no way you can miss them. They also have window signage which displays the latest car models or end of year deals which can also entice customers in.








Neighbourhood espresso has a clean and clear sign right out the front. The sign is sleek, simple and does the job!








P.Smith and Son shop front cannot be missed. They have signage from every angle which helps grab the attention of the public.








There are so many different types of signs that can be used for storefronts and all serve a great purpose. They help customers locate you and create the first impression of your store.

Here at NR Signs we know how to make a good sign and can do all different types of signs to suit your business. Contact our friendly team today on 07 5523 3553.

Building your Business Brand with Signs

Branding is all about creating an image of your business in your consumer’s mind. It can help you portray your point of difference and your voice. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your company is branding themselves adequately and at the front of their customer’s mind.

You may be thinking where to start as it seems like a big task. Well we’re here to help and the answer is so simple.


Signs are an effective an easy way to help with your business branding. The thing to remember though is to ensure all your signs are consistent and in line with your business’s overall brand, for example, design, logo, colour scheme and font.

Below is an example of keeping signage design consistent to help build branding and brand recognition amongst your customers.










We create so many different types of signs your branding opportunities are endless! We can help with your storefront, company cars and office!

Contact our friendly team today on 07 5523 3553 and start branding your business with signage.

Ideas for Vehicle Signage!

There is no better time than the present to get your brand on the road and exposed to potential customers!

Vehicle signage is a fantastic way to increase brand awareness and get your name out there. We can do signage for all vehicles types and sizes!

Here are some examples of the vehicle signage we have completed for our clients. 

The design in only limited to your imagination!

We are located on the Gold Coast so feel free to come into store and talk with our friendly team. Or give us a call today on 07 5523 3553 to get your brand on the road.

Make your sign pop… literally.

When creating signage for your business, the most important aspect is that it stands out. You want to make sure to grab the attention of those passing by. So, what’s the best way to do this? Make your sign pop… literally.

3D signs are eye-catching and will stand out in a world of 2D signs. If you want to take it to the next level, create signage that is different than the rest and 3D. Include elements that really jump out at you!

Have a look at some of our favourite 3D signs:


Here at NR signs, we are always ready to tackle your wildest sign dreams. We want you to stand out! Get in touch today so that we can make your business pop.

Three Reasons Why Flags Are An Effective Form of Signage

Are you looking for some signage for your business but don’t want to commit to anything permanent, expensive or high-maintenance? Well, you should consider our eye-catching teardrop flags to bring more business in the door. Wondering what they’re all about? Here’s what you need to know about teardrop flags:

They are portable

Not only are teardrop signs lightweight (YAY!), they’re also portable (DOUBLE YAY!). This means that you can position them in different locations from day-to-day without the hassle of requiring transport, moving equipment or a lot of time – because who has spare time anyway?

teardrop 3

They are eye-catching

Given the free-flowing and colourful nature of our teardrop flags, they are visually appealing to bystanders and drivers on the road, meaning that they are likely to generate more business for you than a small, stagnant sign on a wall.

teardrop 2

They are cost-effective

Teardrop banners are a cost-effective way to catch the attention of the public and are a valuable asset to your business throughout the long-term.

teardrop flag


Contact NR Signs today to arrange signage.