Building your Business Brand with Signs

Branding is all about creating an image of your business in your consumer’s mind. It can help you portray your point of difference and your voice. Therefore, it’s important to make sure your company is branding themselves adequately and at the front of their customer’s mind.

You may be thinking where to start as it seems like a big task. Well we’re here to help and the answer is so simple.


Signs are an effective an easy way to help with your business branding. The thing to remember though is to ensure all your signs are consistent and in line with your business’s overall brand, for example, design, logo, colour scheme and font.

Below is an example of keeping signage design consistent to help build branding and brand recognition amongst your customers.










We create so many different types of signs your branding opportunities are endless! We can help with your storefront, company cars and office!

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Ideas for Vehicle Signage!

There is no better time than the present to get your brand on the road and exposed to potential customers!

Vehicle signage is a fantastic way to increase brand awareness and get your name out there. We can do signage for all vehicles types and sizes!

Here are some examples of the vehicle signage we have completed for our clients. 

The design in only limited to your imagination!

We are located on the Gold Coast so feel free to come into store and talk with our friendly team. Or give us a call today on 07 5523 3553 to get your brand on the road.

Make your sign pop… literally.

When creating signage for your business, the most important aspect is that it stands out. You want to make sure to grab the attention of those passing by. So, what’s the best way to do this? Make your sign pop… literally.

3D signs are eye-catching and will stand out in a world of 2D signs. If you want to take it to the next level, create signage that is different than the rest and 3D. Include elements that really jump out at you!

Have a look at some of our favourite 3D signs:


Here at NR signs, we are always ready to tackle your wildest sign dreams. We want you to stand out! Get in touch today so that we can make your business pop.

Three Reasons Why Flags Are An Effective Form of Signage

Are you looking for some signage for your business but don’t want to commit to anything permanent, expensive or high-maintenance? Well, you should consider our eye-catching teardrop flags to bring more business in the door. Wondering what they’re all about? Here’s what you need to know about teardrop flags:

They are portable

Not only are teardrop signs lightweight (YAY!), they’re also portable (DOUBLE YAY!). This means that you can position them in different locations from day-to-day without the hassle of requiring transport, moving equipment or a lot of time – because who has spare time anyway?

teardrop 3

They are eye-catching

Given the free-flowing and colourful nature of our teardrop flags, they are visually appealing to bystanders and drivers on the road, meaning that they are likely to generate more business for you than a small, stagnant sign on a wall.

teardrop 2

They are cost-effective

Teardrop banners are a cost-effective way to catch the attention of the public and are a valuable asset to your business throughout the long-term.

teardrop flag


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New Year, New Sign


2018 is here: calendars have rolled over, gyms and health club memberships are filling up, and half the office is on about to embark on a brand new diet. Of course, despite our best intentions, the vast majority of our New Year resolutions end up forgotten or discarded, but when it comes to your small business signage you have a chance to make a real, meaningful change that will benefit your business for years to come: install a brand new sign!

Here’s why this idea makes so much sense and why you should consider making the change for your storefront:

New Branding

The start of a brand new year is an opportunity for people and companies alike to change their approach and refine their image. A fresh front of house sign tied in with your business’s re brand can be refreshing for customers and a perfect opportunity to attract more.

Holidays are Over

Christmas and New Years are finally behind us and with that goes the mayhem of buyer frenzy. It can particularly be a hard time for businesses to make a high volume of sales and is likely all of your Boxing Day sales/New Years promotion signage needs to be taken down. It’s time to brand a new business sign.

NR Signs are Open for Business

Our friendly and talented team may have over indulged a little on the Chrissy ham and New Years bevies, but we are ready and raring to kick 2018’s arse with some seriously cool sign making!

Big, Bold and Billboard


Billboards are a big, popular and effective way to advertise your business to a lot of people at once. The best billboards are positioned on busy highways or intersections; just think of how many people would be seeing your message every single day if you had a billboard!

Why else are billboards the best way to go in terms of sign advertising, we hear you ask? Well…

Frequency and Repetition

As we said before, the best billboards are in busy areas where hundreds or thousands of people walk, ride or drive by each day; and that’s just one way! If they’re traveling to and from work on the same road, they will see the billboard more than once in a day. And if they drive the same route every day, the frequency and repetition of people being exposed to your message is high!

Bigger is Better

BAM! Billboards are pretty hard to miss. They’re big, bold, colourful and effective. The more your message sticks out, the more eyes you will have on it. Think about it, do you look at billboards when you’re driving? We know you do.

The Great Outdoors

Outdoor signage is effective because of its constant exposure to people. There’s no turning it off or shutting it behind closed doors. There is 24/7 exposure to the world and its consumers when your message is big and bold and out for everyone to see.

Guaranteed Audience

You may spend money on online advertising that no one or very little people will see. Or you may spend it on targeted a very specific demographic of people that may not actually be that effective. With billboard advertising, you are guaranteed exposure and you are targeting a wide and diverse market, who knows who will be interested?

So, if you’re after a sign that reaches a diverse and wide range of people 24/7, billboards are for you.

Contact NR Signs today to talk to one of our signage experts about your billboard ideas.

Why You Should Choose Car Sign Advertising


Want to get your business noticed in the easiest way possible? Here at NR Signs, we create signs, wraps and stickers for all modes of transport. All you need to do is drive and let your ad do the rest.

So, why should you get vehicle signage? Read on…

Be Seen Everywhere

Think about it, if you drive a car, van, trailer or any other kind of vehicle around more people are going to see it. Vehicle advertising can reach more people than billboards, radio mail advertising. Also, vehicle advertising is more memorable and noticeable on the roads than traditional form of advertising; that means more exposure to more people.

Grabbing Attention

If your signage is original, bright and colourful it will stand out in a crowd of mundane vehicles on the roads. No one really expects a colourful and fun graphic on the side of a Honda, do they?

Less Aggressive Way of Advertising

There is nothing worse than getting right into a television show only to be interrupted by a string of advertisements that you have no real interest in. Vehicle advertising is a less aggressive way to get your business/message seen. People don’t have to read it if they don’t want to, and if they do they’ll most likely be new customers.

Bang for Your Buck

Billboards, radio, print and broadcast advertising can be extremely costly (especially if you want a prime-time spot). Vehicle advertising has been proven to be considerably cheaper than more obvious advertising outlets. Less money but more exposure? Amazing!

Vehicle signage is a cost effective and brilliant way to advertise. Whether it’s a wrap, sticker or one-way vision, NR Signs have done it all.

If you want an effective and high-quality sign for your vehicle, talk to NR Signs now.

What Makes a Great Sign


Here at NR Signs we’ve seen our fair share of good and bad signs. We always want the best for our clients, so we have devised a list of what it takes to make your sign a great one.

Where Is It Going?

Inside? Outside? Near the road? On the side of a building? Knowing where your sign will be (and the environment that will be surrounding it) will help you determine size, shape, materials and style.

Know Your Brand

If your business colour scheme is red white and yellow, don’t have colours like fuchsia or green or purple covering your sign. Keep it consistent with your brand (this also helps people remember your logo/name/look in the future).

Don’t Overcrowd

Have one message for your one sign; and stick to it. Don’t overdo it with too much information on such a small space. People are less likely to look at a sign if it is busy, crowded and hard to read. Keep it simple, keep it clean.

Get Creative

Although you should keep your sign simple and on-brand, you can also get creative with it. Think of fun textures and designs you can use in different areas. Why not go for a quirky one-liner to get people to notice your sign? Think outside the box and stand out from the rest.


With your new fun and simple design you should pick a font (maximum two) that coincides with the design. Make sure your sign is easy to read and easy to understand. There’s no use having super cursive writing that no one can read if you’re a timber company, right?

Get It Done at NR Signs

To ensure your sign is the best of the best, get it made by the best of the best! Here at NR Signs we will make sure your sign is exactly what you want, and better. We have years of experience so you know that you can trust us!

Little, big, illuminated, no matter what kind of sign you want, we’re here to produce it. Give us a call on 5523 3553 and tell us all about what you want for your sign.

To Light or Not To Light?

NR signs quote - yellow

Everything these days is bigger and brighter than the past, but does that mean our signs have to be as well? When you’re picking a sign for your business you want it to be just right. Eye-catching, easy to read, conveying a message. So, do you go with a stock-standard sign or an illuminated one? We’ve weighed the pros and cons of each, so you don’t have to.

Illuminated Signs


  • Eye-catching: You want people to see and notice your sign because, well, that’s what a sign is for. Using LED lights in your signs makes them brighter and makes them stand out. People love bright and shiny things, and your sign could be one of them.
  • Seen 24-hours: A standard sign could have all the colours of the rainbow with catchy wording and a fun logo and would still be missed when the sun goes down. Lit up signs will obviously be seen during dark hours and therefore will most likely have more eyes on it.
  • People will be impressed: Again, people love shiny and bright things. People are more likely to be impressed by an illuminated sign rather than a plain black-and-white one. If people are impressed by your sign, imagine how impressed they’ll be with you!
  • Options, options, options: With an LED sign you can configure it however you like. It can flash, dash, change colour, animate and move. The versatility of this sign means you aren’t stuck with one option forever.


  • It may not be for your business: If you’re an accounting firm or a surgeon’s office it may not be appropriate for you have a dancing LED illuminated sign out the front. Fun and funky signs like this may counteract your ‘serious’ business approach.
  • Energy: To power an illuminated sign you will need to use power which is electricity which is money. Think of all the different ways you could be spending that money?
  • It may not be seen: if you want an illuminated sign on the 15th floor of an office building where no one except your employees enter and exit, this may not be for you. The flashing and bright lights will be wasted on people who will eventually become numb to it and ignore it.

Standard Signs


  • You can design it how you want: unlike LED signs that are made up of light tubes, standard signs allow for more details and artistry when it comes to design. You can have any shade of colour you want (not just neon) and can be as delicate or not as you please.
  • Less expensive: There is little-to-no maintenance for a standard sign. Apart from giving it a clean every now and then you don’t have to pay for electricity bills to make it flash.
  • The bigger, the better: In some cases the bigger the sign you have, the better. If you want a large sign on a door or outside you business you can make it as big or as small you like. If it were illuminated it would be difficult to format, create and run if it were to be a larger sign.


  • Light may be better: If you’re competing with other businesses who have illuminated signs, a standard sign may not be right for you. It would get lost in the landscape and would not get noticed as much as you would like.
  • Technology: These days everything is electronic and technologically powered. To have a black-and-white matte sign the size of an A3 piece of paper can be considered boring and unapproachable. Illuminated signs could bring you into the 21st century.
  • Your business: if you’re a circus, entertainment province, or a lighting store, the brighter the better. You want to be seen as fun and out-there and you can do that with flashing and dancing lights.


Now that you’ve put the pros against the cons, you’ll know what sign is right for you. When you make up your mind, give us a call.

New year, new sign


January is the month of new year’s resolutions. While getting fit, finding that special someone, or reaching career milestones are all noble ambitions, there’s one that we think is particularly important for your business in 2017: making sure your signage is up to date.

We know, we know, it doesn’t sound like the most exciting goal to have on your resolution checklist. But it could work wonders for your business this year.

How do you know if you’re due for a new sign? Get out your pen and paper, jot down this list, then hop out the front of your shop and see if you can check the boxes.

1 – Is your sign’s colour fading?

If your sign is looking a little pale due to the effects of age and weather, your business may not be visible to passers-by. Brightness and contrast attracts the eye, and signage is meant to do just that.

2 – Is your sign peeling?

Your sign cops a lot throughout the year. From the rain, hail, and sun damage during summer, to snow, frost and dew in the winter, it’s always taking some kind of a beating. Over time, this may cause your business sign to peel like an Aussie’s sunburnt skin after a day on the beach. And that’s not fun for anybody.

Make sure your sign is looking spick and span to give first-time customers a good impression of your business.

3 – Are the business details up to date?

Has your business name changed since you last had a sign installed on your shop front? Have you had a brand refresh, with a new logo and colour palette? Keeping your business’ branding consistent reassures customers of your expertise, and this includes having up-to-date signage, even if the changes are slight.

Did you check any one of these boxes? If so, it’s time to give us a call. We’ll sort your Gold Coast and Tweed signage needs out.