Three steps to creating eye-catching, effective signage

Eye-catching signage

With years of experience in printing and installing signs on the Gold Coast, we’ve got a bit to say about how signage can work wonders for your business.

But before you come to us, consider your sign’s design, and what you want it to communicate to your potential customers.

Here are our three tips to get you started.

1 – Keep it simple

Most signs we install are outdoors. What this means for businesses, is that when their potential customers see a sign or advertisement, they’ll most likely be on the go. So it’s important your message is clear and simple — keep your tagline to seven words or less, and avoid overwhelming viewers with a deluge of focus points.

2 – Use relevant imagery

It seems like an obvious point, but one that businesses often miss when they don’t step back and look at their sign’s design objectively. Will your audience understand the image on your sign? Does it tell them something about your business? Or is it only there for aesthetics? Good looks are still important, but there must be a balance between impressive artwork and relevance — that’s what makes a good design.

3 – Include only one point of contact (if any)

Don’t confuse or overwhelm your audience with several points of contact. As they’ll most likely be on their way to somewhere else, they’ll need to jot down your details as fast as possible, and that’s not easy when they have to decide which point of contact they’ll use.

Better yet, if your sign is out the front of your business, ditch the point of contact altogether — they know where to find you.

Ticked everything off this list? Get in touch. We love installing awesome signs.

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