3 Points to Consider for Your Gold Coast Sign

Signs are hugely important for any Gold Coast business.  They provide the first point of reference for the brand and help people make snap judgments about whether or not they want to enter the store.

Today, with the latest shopping methodologies like e-commerce, online shopping, etc., it’s become even more important to make the right sign to attract the people to the physical stores on the Gold Coast.  A sign is now not essentially just a board with the name of the brand and a logo. It has to have much more than those.

Importance of signs

There are many brands today in the Gold Coast market. With growing economy and cut-throat competition, it’s become a necessity and compulsion to be able to stand out in the crowd. Signs add impact to a brand.

  • They are a face of a brand. Before we enter the store and see the real product, we see the brand.
  • For an established brand, signs act as a good source of publicity when the brand is venturing into a new arena. An identifiable sign has its own plus points in the customer’s mind against less recognisable signs.
  • A sign made to communicate about the brand to the customers can make a long lasting impact and stay in the customer’s memory. This is a definite add on to the business.

Knowing that the sign can do so much for the business, one needs to ensure they have the correct, impactful sign in place.

Here are a few tips to help you with what to consider while making the best sign.

  • Design to communicate right: The sign must be designed to communicate the right message to the customer. First, as a brand owner, decide on the message that you want to convey to the customer.
  • Readability: As a brand owner, it might look ok to you because you spent time in creating it. But as a customer and as a reader, is it readable? Run it through a couple of friends and family members for an unbiased review. This always helps as a first-cut opinion. Do inform the maker of the sign if you want people to see it only during the day or  if it should be visible during the nights as well. That will mean a great change in the design and equipment used in a sign. Also, check the fonts and colours used. Remember, if it is too glittery and bright, people may not be interested to make the effort to read it.
  • Position: When a sign is rightly placed to catch the eye of people, it can add magic to the business. Apart from placing the sign in right place, you may also consider making a few direction boards and placing them in parks and public places so that people would find it easy to reach your store.

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