Car Signs Case Study

Your vehicle signage can be a huge asset for creating awareness of your product or service – we design, print and fit car graphics on the Gold Coast, for maximum value.

Your vehicle is seen by thousands of potential customers and car signs can be a wonderful way to grab attention and get your business known.


The type of vehicle has a huge influence on what will be the most effective signage for you – obviously, a bus will be a completely different proposition when compared to a Mini!

So the vehicle size, to a large extent, influences your graphics.


Depending on what you want the signage to do, the colours can change significantly.

Many of our clients have a fleet of vehicles, so we’re pretty much guided by their “Style Guide” – a guide that has very clear directions on the car sign graphics’ colours and sizes. That’s important in branding to ensure the consistency across all elements of a company’s visual style and the car signs we make.

Of course, the colour of the vehicle impacts enormously on what signage will be best. ¬†Remember, it’s all about the contrast to ensure easy readability and maximum impact.

Lettering Size

This one is a bit of a gimme – your lettering size needs to reflect maximum visual impact for the environment the vehicle will be in and be readable by everyone.

With the LJ Hooker car signs example on this page, we’ve got the logo and graphic of the girl and bear – these are the essential elements of LJ Hooker’s branding consistency.

The telephone number is there to encourage a call for this particular area.

Easy, clear and not too much information for a vehicle that’s moving and is only small.


There are many elements that impact on ensuring that we make the best car signs on the Gold Coast. With 30+ years of experience, we know what works and why. We can provide you with the service, style and care you deserve.

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