Here’s How to Select the Best Sign Specifically for Your Gold Coast Shop

The perfect Gold Coast shop sign is a blend of several different elements including design, fonts, colors, materials, and placement.

With the blending of all these elements, your signage can be very successful. If you are planning to put up a new sign for your business, it is best to consider all these various elements and choose one which is right specifically for you.

Here are some top tips:

Choose the Right Size

The size of your sign is very important. If you go for a beautiful sign which is too small to be noticed from the road, your business will suffer. Your sign’s size should be such that the letters, logo, brand name, and message are visible from a distance. Ideally, a three centimetre tall letter can be viewed from a distance of about 6 metres.  The larger the sign, the more visibility it offers. If you are using a fancy logo or a complex design, you will need to have an even larger sign so that the letters and words are legible.

Shape and Design Matter

The design of your shop sign depends on the size you have in mind. A bulky design would not look good on a small sign and the sign content would not be legible. The best way to choose your sign is to choose a shape first, and then add the logo and business name, followed by a short message. Use your creativity for the shape and design but do not compromise on the visibility and readability of the content.

There are some really great signs around the Gold Coast and some really terrible ones.  Make sure your sign does what it’s there for – attract customers – because if it can’t do that, it doesn’t matter how pretty it is.

Consider the Materials Used

The materials used for your shop sign are very important. If you are going to use the sign outdoors, it is best to use a sturdy material. Engineered wood and fiber glass are both excellent materials for signage. While engineered wood is cheap, fiber glass is expensive, so decide on what would best suit your budget. Once you decide on the materials, consider mounting the signage. A perpendicularly mounted signage is the easiest to use, though some people prefer using horizontally lettered signs too.

Invest in Illumination

Illumination is extremely important for signs. For visibility and readability at night, illumination is imperative. A brightly illuminated sign can advertise your business all through the day. Even if you close your business at night, the sign keeps attracting people and they remember the location, brand, or the name of your shop by associating it with your sign. Neon tubing and LED lights are the most commonly used methods of illumination and both are extremely effective.