The Power of Signs on the Gold Coast

Signs play a significant role in a Gold Coast brand’s identity. They do the preliminary and primary publicity for any business. When we see a huge, hard-to-ignore sign, it registers in our mind automatically. If we need that particular product, the name on the sign flashes in our consciousness automatically and we know where to go.

Signs and the Gold Coast Climate

Considering the unlimited power of sign boards, the first thing to be ensured is the build of the board; it has to be a long lasting one. Signboards must be able to withstand the wind, climate, sun, rain, etc. And then of course, this is the Gold Coast, so the signboards should also be able to resist the salt and humidity in the air from the beach. 

Tips for the Best Signs on the Gold Coast:

  • The inking should be perfect:  While making the sign boards, the ink that is used needs to be ultraviolet, so that the “written” life of the board is more.
  • Material: The humid weather and proximity to the beach means that signs on the Gold Coast and Tweed need to be a bit more hard wearing.
  • Lamination: A laminated sign will last far longer on the Gold Coast than an unlaminated one.
  • Printer: The printers used also make a big difference when it is comes to the time these boards would last.  It needs to be a good one – and you can bet we’ve got all the top of the range equipment.
  • Point of fixing:  There is a lot of difference in the “life” of the board that is hung in the air and the board that is fixed against the wall, especially when it is about sustaining the wind.

Come in and have a chat to find the best solution for your sign needs on the Tweed and Gold Coast.