Billboards, Banners and Flags

Billboards are often about 2 things:

  • Placement
  • One strong message

You’ve probably seen it yourself 100s times – you’re driving down the highway into a small town and see a billboard for a motel chain just before you get to the town sign.

Simple. Logical.  And it works.

Banners and flags are much the same – you don’t often have enough time or space to deliver a message with multiple parts.

The Message

The message on a billboard needs to be simple and clear.

Studies show the more messages you try and get onto the billboard or banner, the less your message will be remembered.

  • One clear message has the highest retention.
  • Then 2 messages.
  • Then 3……..and on it goes.

The Colours

Take into account what the surrounding area colours are and what provides the greatest contrast.  For example, a billboard on the outskirts of a dark forest probably won’t lend itself to a dark graphic.

Understand that contrast is the key to getting noticed and to get your message across.

If people can’t see your sign then they can’t read it.

Lettering Size

As always, this depends on a multitude of factors related to the medium and the size of your billboard, banner or flag.

Easy, clear and not too much information for a reader who might be racing past at 100 km/hr!

The Overview

Larger signage presents many challenges and our team have the experience and expertise to ensure your signage doesn’t get lost in the clutter.

With potentially thousands of potential customers seeing your signage each day, it’s clear it needs to be:

  • outstanding,
  • professional and
  • eye catching.

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