Let’s Meet The NR Signs Team

We could give you the usual blah, blah, blah but we’ll stick with the facts and then introduce the retail signs Gold Coast team:

  • We have over 30 years of industry service experience in retail signs and more
  • We can do any and every sort of retail sign you can imagine
  • We design, build, print and install signs as needed
  • We have the latest and greatest technology and printers (seriously, these things are worth more than your car and my car combined!)
  • We are obsessed about giving fantastic service to every customer (in our survey, we got 100% “Yes” on the question “Would you recommend us?”).

retail signs gold coast

Okay, Let’s Meet The Retail Signs Gold Coast Team:

Sue – Accounts & Reception

Sue counts the money and is a friendly face in Reception at NR Signs.  She’s also the Big Chief, letting Tony think he runs the place whilst she actually does.  That’s marriage for you!

When Sue’s not working hard, she enjoys spending time with her friends, coffee with more friends, and traveling to far-off destinations – like her old hometown of Murwillumbah!

Tony – Big Chief (Cough!)

Tony has more than 30 years experience in the industry and takes HUGE pride in ensuring great service.

He’s also a legend in the local community, being heavily involved in loads of charity work for many years.  He’s the lucky lad married to Sue and rides a mountain bike like a maniac!

The Rest Of The Team

We will be adding in photos and more info shortly. So stay tuned.

retail signs gold coast

retail signs gold coast