Considering Banner Signage on the Gold Coast?

A banner is a form of advertisement that bears a logo, slogan and in some cases a business name.

It is one of the most effective ways of branding and differentiates companies from each other.  Easy so far!

It is important to ensure that a good banner is designed before displaying it as it is often the first contact the customer will have with the business.

We do a whole range of custom signs here on the Gold Coast and offer a few ideas below.

What’s Your Key Message?

A key consideration is the message you’ll display.

Try to choose a banner that stands out easily from the rest.  Being in competition from other businesses, it is important to ensure that the banner is both:

  • Attractive and
  • Sells the business well.

Yes, Size Does Matter!

Another important consideration to make when choosing a banner is its size.

The size of the banner will mainly be determined by its purpose and the business preference. In most cases, large banners are better in terms of visibility and capturing the customer’s eyes.

Of course, small banners can be more effective if you have limited space – you just need to make sure you get your message across in a more efficient manner.

Whatever your signs on the Gold Coast needs are, we can help you out!

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